Rock and roll circus

Released 14 october 1996 – recorded 11 -12 december 1968

Label ABKCO – producer Jimmy Miller, Jody Klein,Lenne Allik

All songs by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and performed by The Rolling Stones, except where noted.

"Mick Jagger's Introduction of Rock and Roll Circus" – 0:25

"Entry Of The Gladiators" (Julius Fučík) – 0:55
"Mick Jagger's Introduction of Jethro Tull" – 0:11

"Song For Jeffrey" (Ian Anderson) – 3:26

Performed by Jethro Tull

"Keith Richard's introduction of The Who" – 0:07

"A Quick One While He's Away" (Pete Townshend) – 7:33

Performed by The Who

"Over The Waves" (Juventino Rosas) – 0:45
"Ain't That A Lot Of Love" (Homer Banks/Willia Dean Parker) – 3:48

Performed by Taj Mahal

"Charlie Watts' Introduction of Marianne Faithfull" – 0:06

"Something Better (Gerry Goffin/Barry Mann) – 2:32

Performed by Marianne Faithfull

"Mick Jagger's and John Lennon's Introduction of The Dirty Mac" – 1:05

"Yer Blues (Lennon-McCartney) – 4:27

Performed by The Dirty Mac

"Whole Lotta Yoko" (Yoko Ono) – 4:49

Performed by Yoko Ono and Ivry Gitlis with The Dirty Mac

"John Lennon's Introduction of The Rolling Stones"/"Jumpin' Jack Flash" – 3:35

"Parachute Woman" – 2:59

"No Expectations" – 4:13
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" – 4:24

"Sympathy For The Devil" – 8:49

"Salt Of The Earth" – 4:57

Features the original Beggars Banquet music track with new live vocals

1996 The billboard 2100 pos. 92

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus is the fifth release of Rolling Stones music by former manager Allen Klein's ABKCO Records (who usurped control of the band's Decca/London material in 1970) after the band's departure from Decca and Klein. Released in 1996, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus is a live album that captures the taping of their ill-fated 1968 TV special, which was never broadcast


All songs by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, except where noted.

1. "Sympathy for the Devil" – 6:27
o Keith Richards on bass, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Marianne Faithfull, Anita Pallenberg and Jimmy Miller on backing vocals, Rocky Dijon, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts on percussion, Keith Richards plays guitar solo
2. "No Expectations" – 4:02
o Brian Jones on slide guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano
3. "Dear Doctor" – 3:26
o Brian Jones on harmonica
4. "Parachute Woman" – 2:23
o Brian Jones first harmonica solo, Mick Jagger second harmonica solo
5. "Jigsaw Puzzle" – 6:17
o Nicky Hopkins on piano, Keith Richards on acoustic guitar and electric slide guitar, Brian Jones on Mellotron, Bill Wyman on bass
6. "Street Fighting Man" – 3:18
o Dave Mason on shehani, Keith Richards on bass, Brian Jones on sitar and tambura
7. "Prodigal Son" (Rev. Robert Wilkins) – 2:55
o Brian Jones on harmonica
8. "Stray Cat Blues" – 4:40
o Brian Jones on Mellotron
9. "Factory Girl" – 2:12
o Rik Grech on fiddle, Dave Mason on Mellotron
10. "Salt of the Earth" – 4:51
o First verse sung by Keith Richards.

I've lost interest in (the album cover battle) situation. It's been a complete waste of energy. We agreed to them using a different sleeve in the end and it still hasn't been realised yet. They change their minds all the time about it - come and go. - Mick Jagger, November 1968

1968 uk album chart pos.3 – 1969 uk album chart pos. 3 – 1968 billboard pop albums pos.27 – 1969 billboard pop albums pos.5.

Preproduction: Early-mid February 1968: Keith Richards' home (Redlands), West Wittering, Sussex, England February 21-Mid-March 1968: R. G. Jones Studios, Morden, Surrey, England
Recorded: March 17-April 3, 1968: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England May 9-23, 1968: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England June 4-10, 1968: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England June 24-28, 1968: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England Overdubbed & mixed: July 6-25, 1968: Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, USA Producer: Jimmy Miller Chief engineers: Glyn Johns & Eddie Kramer Released: December 1968 Original label: London Records (Polygram)